We are a team of scientists, media experts, and generally just normal people like yourself. Our goal is to inform you about the latest trends in the field of Open Science, and we are therefore looking for exciting projects, initiatives and groups who deal with relevant topics in the field of Open Science.

The current crisis shows us how important it is to connect people in order to develop solutions for complex problems as fast as possible. This type of collaboration is also relevant beyond the corona crisis and should be used, among other things, to address current challenges such as the climate crisis, social inequality, etc.

Due to the current situation we have decided to go online with our website earlier as planned. In the upcoming weeks we are going to identify interesting projects and share them with you on this site in order to provide up-to-date coverage of relevant topics.

In this way we hope to make a small contribution to overcoming the current crisis. We are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions on other exciting topics and relevant questions. Please tell us about what you are interested in!


your openscience team