What is the aim of the project?

Ring-a-Scientist wants to bring researchers into the classroom – live via a videoconferencing call. Depending on the school subject and the teacher’s preferences, a call can include virtual laboratory tours, debates, current research and career advice.  

How can it help me? 

Teachers or students who wish to enhance their lessons can use the platform ring-a-scientist to get in contact with researchers from various disciplinesResearchers from the appropriate discipline are available and can be brought directly into your classroom via video stream. 

Related School Subjects  

History, Languages, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Geography, Religious Studies, Biology, Ethics, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Computer Science, Chemistry, Interdisciplinary, etc. 

How can I use it? 

For teachers: 
Schedule an appointment with the scientist of your choice, you can view and search their profiles here.

For school students: 
You would be interested in a video conferencing call with one of the scientists on the platform? Tell your teacher about  Ring-a-Scientist. Or contact the scientist directly – they may be happy to have a chat.

For anyone else: 
They want to grow the Ring-a-Scientist community – help them spread the word, especially amongst teachers.

For undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, lecturers and professors: 
Set up a profile (here) and talk about your topic with people who are interested knowing more about it.

Country of origin: Germany
Twitter: www.twitter.com/RingAScientist  
Categories: SocietySpecial Issue
Tags: e-teachinggermanyplatform
Target group: teachers, school students, undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, professors

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